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Beverly Jenkins

Motivational Speaker | Trainer | Coach

Over 25 years ago Beverly Jenkins, a consummate professional, began impacting others by developing and facilitating advanced trainings, seminars, and workshops for multiple groups within the IHS Corporation. IHS, a billion dollar Technology Company, is one of the largest companies in the world with offices in more than 31 countries.

Beverly was ranked at the top of her field numerous times and reached thousands of people.  Winning the Victor Cup award, the highest award in sales, Beverly was inducted into the President’s Club.  During her career at IHS, she generated millions of dollars over the phone in revenue.  

She was asked to speak to various divisions and conduct training within IHS about customer service, stress management, as well as self-motivation and success.  She addressed all levels of the company — managers, directors, and Senior Executives all the way up to the COO now the CEO of IHS.

The responses received from departments within the corporation were overwhelmingly positive. As a result, the number of requests to train groups on why ATTITUDE is KEY! and to conduct sessions on other relevant issues that they faced significantly increased.

Beverly has spoken and conducted training classes for diverse organizations on a variety of topics such as East Denver Loins Club in Denver, Colorado, on ”How to Motivate Yourself”; The Inspired Moment in Holt, Michigan on “Why Attitude is Key”; Life Skills Center in Denver, Colorado on “You Can Only Change Yourself’; Curves in Denver, Colorado on “How to go into Business”; and, Great American Fundraising, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio on “Mastering Telephone Techniques” and “Mastering How to Stay Motivated!”  Beverly was the commencement speaker for a high school graduation at Auraria College, in Denver, Colorado.

In addition, Beverly provided training and coaching, primarily in the area of telephone techniques, on “How to handle your Customers” for The Entertainment Project, Inc. in Denver, Colorado.  Beverly recently trained all employees from their nine LAFCU locations on “Members ARE First!” in Lansing Michigan.   

Earning a Business Degree from Columbia College, graduating from Dale Carnegie School for Effective Speaking, and as a former member of Toast Masters, Beverly seamlessly delivers a life changing message with clarity, focus, and insight.